Slavic Corporation


Here you will find a large selection of our completed work and also view how designs and styles have changed over the years. Some of the work dates back to the mid 90's, but there are alot of photos that we could not locate for one reason or another. We will continue to search and add photos to the site as we find them. Check back often to view our archives as well as our lastest work.

NOTE: If we have done work for you or your company, and you do not see it here, please e-mail us your high-resolution photos and we will add them to the website.

FYI... Most of racecar graphics and designs we have done over the past 20 years have been inspired by our good friend John Flinner of Flinner Signs & Decals located in Zelienople, PA. John has been the innovator of what we see on racecars today. From dirt to asphalt, or in any form of racing, his influence is always evident. With his unique designs, use of bright colors, and attention to detail, he single-handedly transformed an industry stuck on basic plain numbers and sponsors to the Flinner way with over the top bright and flashy. We can't think of any one person who influenced our company, along with an entire industry, as John has done.

Some say the greatest form of flattery is to be copied. John must be very flattered as, whether or not some will admit it, his work has been copied the world over. Lets give credit where credit is due... John Flinner will always be the original innovator.